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Dan Haesler works with some of Australia’s most successful athletes to enhance their mental skills, mindset and performance.

In Play Fearless you’ll learn the same techniques & tools to take your game to the next level.

Whether you’re at school, college, in a pathways program or already playing professionally, Play Fearless is for you. 

"The work I do with Dan helps me to feel confident in the moments of pressure. I view mental preparation & training as the edge on the opposition. It's just as important as physical training."

3x Premiership Winner Clive Churchill Medalist World Cup Winner

Penrith Panthers| NSW | Australia

What is play fearless?

Developed by one of Australia’s most-renowned performance coaches, Dan Haesler, Play Fearless provides athletes, coaches, teams as well as their support networks (parents & partners) with the tools and techniques to develop their mindset, mental skills and overall performance

Self-paced and accessible anywhere, anytime, Play Fearless allows you to work with Dan through:

  • Video Coaching Sessions
  • Reflection activities & a lifetime of proven tools & habits
  • Online Group Coaching
  • Secure Online Community
  • Members Only Content from the Play Fearless Podcast *
  • Invitations to community events*
  • New programs as they come online*

* Coming 2024 & based on your membership level

The Play Fearless Mental Skills Program is Now Available


The frameworks and tools that Dan shares with you in Play Fearless are based on the latest research and tried & tested with athletes on the biggest stage.


You can access Play Fearless anywhere, anytime through the App, available on Apple & Android. You can also access our platform on your laptop.

From emerging to elite

Wherever you are in your career, if you take your sport seriously then Play Fearless will help you take your game to the next level. 


Play Fearless is much more than just a course. It’s a community of athletes and coaches who connect with Dan and each other to share expertise and experience.



A Play Fearless licence provides resources and programs for coaches that brings the latest thinking in high performance coaching.



As well as athletes and coaches, with a Play Fearless licence, parents of emerging athletes are able to access workshops and programs to help them help their athletes. 


Teams, Schools,
clubs & Associations

"Dan Haesler not only inspires you to be the best version of yourself, but provides the space and steps to become that for yourself and your team – especially if you think you’re at the top of your game."

4x Olympian 2x Olympic Champion Chef de Mission

Give them a licence
to play fearless

Ask any professional coach or athlete how important the Mental Game is and they’ll likely answer in one word: “Very.”

In many cases they’ll tell you it’s the difference between the good and the great.

Yet, despite their importance, Mental Skills rarely feature in a High Performance program in the manner that technical, tactical or physical aspects of performance do.

This is especially true in the case of younger athletes progressing their careers through school, college or pathways programs.

The Play Fearless platform seeks to support athletes and coaches to redress this imbalance.

If you’re a team, school or organisation that takes the mental side of sport seriously, then contact us to design your licence. 

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Access the sample program now for free



Play Fearless is for any athlete who takes their sport seriously. 

Whether you’re an emerging athlete just starting out in your sporting career, or an elite athlete who has represented your country, Play Fearless can help you elevate your game – inside and outside of the arena. 

Play Fearless is for any athlete, coach or team who takes their sport seriously. 

Whether you’re an emerging athlete just starting out in your sporting career, or an elite athlete who has represented your country, Play Fearless can help you elevate your game – inside and outside of the arena. 


Play Fearless is a platform developed by performance coach, Dan Haesler that provides athletes, coaches and their support networks with access to the tools and techniques he uses with elite athletes and coaches in multiple sporting codes.

The Mental Skills Program is the platform’s flagship offering.

In 2024, the platform will grow to include: more self-paced courses, bespoke podcasts, webinars and online group coaching.

The Play Fearless Mental Skills Program is a comprehensive program which delivers a substantial amount of content.

However, it is designed so you can spend as much or as little time on your mental game as you like. 

There is over 3.5hrs of video content, and if completed thoughtfully, each reflection and coaching exercise will take between 30-60mins. 

Mental Skills are just like your physical and technical skills. If you want to improve them, you need to work on them. 

Module One – The Fundamentals

Session 2 – What do you want to achieve?

Session 3 – What is your Performance Gap?

Session 4 – The High Performance Triangle

Session 5 – Powerful Habits

Module Two – Getting to Grips with the Mind

Session 1 – The Red/Blue Framework

Session 2 – Expressing Identity

Session 3 – Understanding Pressure

Session 4 – The Power of Mindfulness

Module Three – Pre Competition – Quietening the Inner Critic

Session 1 – Creating Your Masterclass

Session 2 – Building Confidence

Session 3 – The Power of Visualisation

Session 4 – Automatic Negative Thoughts

Module Four – During Competition – Own the Moments That Matter

Session 1 – Emotional Regulation

Session 2 – The Red/Blue Tool

Session 3 – Developing Cues & Triggers

Session 4 – Turning Setbacks into Comebacks

Module Five – Post Competition – The Art of Mental Recovery

Session 1 – Deliberate Mental Recovery

Session 2 – Your Inner Circle

Session 3 – How to Switch Off & Recharge

Session 4 – The Power of Gratitude


The Squad Community is an online space – similar to Insta or Facebook – in which Dan will post weekly content to stimulate motivation and action! 

Monday Mindset & Motivation, Wednesday Wellbeing and Friday Fun & Facts.

It will also be a place for athletes to support each other in a safe & collegial manner.

No politics. No trolling. Good Vibes Only!

Commencing March 2024, new content will be added each month and will include:

  • Podcast Interviews with Athletes or Coaches
  • Courses
  • Articles
  • Challenges
  • Online Group Coaching*

*For those with an MVP membership

Commencing in March 2024, Online Group Coaching is available to all MVP Members. 

Each month, we’ll get together live on Zoom to dig into some of concepts and tools explored in Play Fearless. Facilitated by Dan, you’ll have the opportunity to ask specific questions related to your performance and connect with other athletes from a range of sports. 

Dan currently only works 1:1 with Elite Athletes. 

If you’d like to engage 1:1 please contact us. 

The content in the Play Fearless Mental Skills Program is specifically tailored to athletes. 

As a parent or coach you might find it useful. 

However when schools, clubs or associations LICENCE Play Fearless, they get access to resources and programs designed for their coaching staff and the parents of emerging athletes. 

Feel free to share this with your school, club or association.


When you invest in a Licence for your school, club or association, it allows your athletes to access the Mental Skills Program at significantly discounted rates. 

Furthermore, as well as programs for athletes, when you invest in a licence, you also get access to resources and programs for your coaching staff and parents of emerging athletes. 

Contact us to design a LICENCE for Play Fearless that meets the specific needs of your school, club or association. 

Still have questions?

"What Dan has been able to give me in terms of belief and trusting myself has been the reason for my turnaround. Without that guidance, I wouldn't be as dialled in as what I am. I'm comfortable in those positions and approach those clutch moments with complete clarity."

Warriors Player of the Year RLPA Player of the Year Golden Boot Winner

NZ Warriors | New Zealand

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Meet your Performance Coach

Dan has worked with members of the Australian Olympic and Commonwealth Games Teams, as well as athletes from a wide variety of sports.

In the NRL, he is engaged as the Performance & Leadership Coach at the Penrith Panthers and works 1:1 with Shaun Johnson from the NZ Warriors. In Super Rugby, he works with Allan Ala’alatoa, the current ACT Brumbies Captain and 85th Wallabies Captain. 

He is regularly engaged by the Australian Institute of Sport to work with athletes, coaches and their families in sports as diverse as Water Polo, Gymnastics, Netball, Lawn Bowls and Winter Sports just to name a few

Access the sample program now for free

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